Aluminum Powder, Indian Blackhead, Dark Flake, 2 Micron


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Indian Blackhead Aluminum Powder is one of the most commonly used fuels used in Pyrotechnics.  The equivalent of the famous Eckart 5413 Super-H German Blackhead Aluminum powder.  Bulk Quantities available at a wholesale price.  Please contact us for bulk pricing.

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  1. Bryce B.

    Fast shipping and great customer services I’ll be doing plenty of deals with this company more can’t wait ! 10/10

  2. Robert M.


  3. Mike B.

    Awesome business!
    Everything about my first order screams “Business with a handshake and a smile”. Great price and shipping speed, GREAT product. I’ve found my source, please don’t change a thing!

  4. Luke R.

    The best
    It is truly the best Aluminium powder ever.
    It makes some pretty wicked flash

  5. Nickk4474

    The best aluminum
    Absolutely the best aluminum I’ve ever bought hands down. More reactive Eckart in my opinion. Beyond impressed and play to buy more!

  6. Dean H.

    Itasca repair
    This the best aluminum powder I ever seen! And the price is very reasonable.
    It really bring things to life.

  7. Mr. McFrost

    This premium blackhead is HANDS DOWN truly the VERY BEST AVAILABLE. It’s incredibly reactive, so much so, it was found to be TO HOT for use in Thermite and Thermate formulas! It has many potential applications, and is obviously very, VERY good in flash compositions and secondary explosives. The nature of this material leads me to definitely determine its overall quality to exceed that of Eckart, XD-30, and even Star Molecule in terms of total potency. Only MIL-AL500 has shown to be of equivalent power output. This product is an incredible value. Stock up on it while you still can. If you are looking for a deal on the most ultimate blackhead available, FOR AN INSANE VALUE, look no further. You’ve found the right place.

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