Welcome to Pyro-Aluminum.com. We SELL THE Worlds Finest Blackhead AluminUM

Our Indian Blackhead Aluminum Powder is the very best 2 micron dark flake pyrotechnic aluminum powder on the market. 


Our Indian Blackhead Aluminum Powder is used for paints, pigments, thermite compositions, reactive rifle targets, and pyrotechnic compositions.  The performance of our powder is identical to the famous Eckart 5413H German Blackhead, and it is available at a lower price than Eckart 5413H. Reactive target/Tannerite/Sports Shooters will be  extremely pleased with the performance of this product.  We comply with all applicable rules and regulations pertaining to shipping.  Ground shipping only.  Bulk pricing is available for large quantities.  Contact us at ddosalesga@gmail.com   


About Us

We are a small company located in Southern Georgia in the USA.  We were founded in early 2019 to meet the needs of the pyrotechnic and sports shooting communities. We are lifelong dedicated enthusiasts of Fireworks and Firearms.  We are dedicated to providing a high quality product at a reasonable price, and excellent customer service. We believe that we can meet or beat any other listed sales for 2 micron Indian Blackhead Aluminum that are advertised on the net. Shipping is always costly for any online retailer in 2019. We hope that you will find our prices satisfactory, considering that quite often shipping costs are as much as the product you are buying. If you are going to be in the Southeast in South Central Georgia and are interested in local pickup send an email.   If you have questions or comments, or are interested in purchasing quantities of Aluminum not listed on this site, please contact us  at ddosalesga@gmail.com

Terms and Conditions

-Must be 18 years of age to purchase.

-The use or misuse of this product may result in danger to life, limb and property.  Deep Dixie Outdoors LLC will not be held liable for personal injury or property damage that results from the use of this product.

-Shipping to the lower 48 U.S. states  will be by UPS Ground.  Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii will be by USPS Ground.  No international shipping.